Modern health benefits, built for startups

Thatch makes paying for healthcare easier and more modern.

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Make paying for healthcare 10x less painful

Thatch is a magic layer that sits on top of your existing health plan. We fix all of the frustrating parts of the experience so your team will love their health benefits.

Configure spending controls

Default funding account

We'll use this account to pay for care by default.

Thatch Effortless HSA

Fund your HSA automatically to cover costs.

Give your employees a more flexible way to pay

Every employee gets a Thatch Visa debit card they can use to pay for healthcare the way they want: from their checking account, upcoming paycheck, or HSA balance. Intelligent controls make it easy to personalize the experience for each employee and reduce the burden of large bills.

Suggested HSA contribution: $188/mo

Based on your spending habits this year

Help your employees make the most of their HSA

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are incredibly powerful and offer tax-free savings for unexpected healthcare costs, but existing HSA solutions are notoriously frustrating and confusing. Our tech-first HSA fixes everything that's broken and make them effortless to use.

Resolve frustrating billing issues with the click of a button

Dealing with billing errors or denied claims is stressful and takes valuable time away from your team. With Thatch, just upload a bill, share some basic information, and our patient advocates will take care of it behind the scenes. It's like having a personal assistant for your healthcare.

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Reduce wasted time with text-based everything

ThatchBot is an SMS interface you can use 24/7, instead of calling an 800 number and waiting on hold during business hours. Text ThatchBot photos of receipts for compliance and convenience. Text to find out if an expense is HSA-eligible. Text to get help with anything related to bills or claims.

Healthcare costs are out of control

Despite employers paying more than ever for health benefits, employees generally aren't happy with them. We're fixing the broken finances of healthcare. Read more.


Annual U.S. healthcare spend


Increase in costs since 2000


Americans with medical debt

Healthcare costs are rising much faster than salaries or inflation (source: KFF)
Health premiumsSalariesInflation

Works with every health plan and payroll provider

Thatch just works out of the box, with no need to change plans or integrate anything. It's an all-in-one solution that supercharges your existing health plan.

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5 minute setup

Set up Thatch in minutes just by telling us about your company and connecting your payroll and bank. We’ll take care of the rest.

Pairs with any health plan

Regardless of the plan, Thatch can help your company make the most of it. Thatch augments your existing coverage vs replacing it.

Works for all employees

Whether your employees use an HSA eligible plan or not, Thatch can help them save money and get the most out of their benefits.

Always learning

Thatch analyzes all the spending happening across your company to look for intelligent insights and savings.

Helps with hiring top talent

Stand out to candidates coming from larger companies by offering Google-level benefits built for startups.

Reduces financial turmoil

None of your employees should be financially ruined when they get sick. Thatch protects your employees and provides peace of mind.


Create the healthcare experience your employees deserve

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