Better health benefits for less money

Thatch makes it easy to give your team great healthcare. You set a budget, and your employees spend it the way that works best for them.

Erin Taylor

Erin Taylor

San Francisco, CA


Healthcare budget


Spent in December

Kaiser Gold HMO 80


Therapy visits




BEAM Dental Basic


Built for companies of all shapes and sizes

Hundreds of businesses across America — from new startups to nationwide enterprises — trust Thatch to give great health benefits to their teams.

OpenReq uses Thatch for ICHRA
Fragment uses Thatch
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Get great healthcare in 5 minutes

Thatch is an all-in-one platform that makes it easy to offer the most personalized healthcare experience to your employees using an ICHRA. You just decide what to spend, and your team gets great healthcare.

Monthly healthcare budget

You're offering better benefits than 50% of companies at your stage


For individuals


For individuals + spouse


For families

You set a budget, Thatch takes care of the rest

Thatch is a new way to do healthcare. Instead of choosing specific benefits, you set a budget and empower your team members to choose the healthcare experience that's right for their needs.

It's a more personal, flexible, and affordable way to provide healthcare for your team.

Use our instant healthcare cost calculator →

$872 healthcare budget
Gold HMO
Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Employees allocate their budget however they want

The healthcare budget you set with Thatch can be applied by your team members toward healthcare the way that's best for them, combining their preferred health insurance plan with other benefits and costs. Under the hood, we facilitate an HRA to create an entirely new way to give your team healthcare.









Everyone gets a card for all healthcare expenses

If employees spend less than their budgeted amount on insurance, they receive a Thatch Visa debit card they can use to pay for healthcare costs, like prescriptions, copays, therapy, and more.

Thatch manages the administration and compliance, making it easy for your team to get the most out of their healthcare budget.

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Easy compliance and support with ThatchBot

ThatchBot is an AI-powered service available 24/7 to every employee. Send a text to ThatchBot with photos of receipts for compliance and convenience. Ask whether an expense is covered by your budget and get an instant, accurate answer. Text to get help with anything related to your account.

Works with all payroll providers and insurance plans

Thatch just works out of the box, with no integration or implementation. It's an all-in-one solution that supercharges your company's health benefits.


5 minute setup

Set up Thatch in minutes just by telling us about your company and connecting your payroll and bank. Get benefits in 5 minutes.

Switching is easy

You can switch any time of the year, not just during open enrollment. We’ll help you cancel your old plan and get your team set up with Thatch.

Works for all employees

Thatch can help employees in every state save money and get the most out of their benefits.

More efficient budgeting

Automatically generate fine-grained budgets. We make it easy to create classes for different types of employees based on location or other factors.

Helps with hiring top talent

Stand out to candidates coming from larger companies by offering better, more flexible benefits built for modern companies.

Save time on benefits administration

Ensure your employees are covered with the best health benefits, without the hassle of managing a traditional group health plan.


Create the healthcare experience your employees deserve

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