QSEHRA vs ICHRA: Healthcare Solutions for Your Business

Explore the distinctive advantages of QSEHRA and ICHRA for your business. Delve into how QSEHRAs compare with ICHRAs, and discover why ICHRA might be a more suitable option for your unique needs.


Understanding QSEHRA and ICHRA

Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangements (QSEHRAs) and Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs) are two types of Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) offering unique benefits for employers. QSEHRAs cater to small businesses with fewer than 50 full-time employees, while ICHRAs are flexible solutions for businesses of any size, offering a broader approach to managing employee healthcare benefits.

ICHRAs are particularly attractive to small and medium-sized businesses because they provide your team with more flexible and cost-effective healthcare benefits. Thatch is a service that administers and manages ICHRAs for your team.

Impact of QSEHRA and ICHRA on Your Business

The influence of QSEHRAs and ICHRAs on your business is slightly different, but both can meaningfully improve your benefits experience and save you money. These health reimbursement arrangements provide tax benefits and versatile structures for different business sizes. QSEHRAs serve small businesses seeking straightforward benefit plans with lower contribution limits, whereas ICHRAs offer flexible, customizable healthcare benefits for a diverse range of businesses.

How does ICHRA compare to QSEHRA?

EligibilityIdeal for small employers with fewer than 50 full-time employees.Suitable for any business size, including larger employers.
Contribution LimitsSet annual limits by the IRS, e.g., $5,850 for individual and $11,800 for family coverage in 2023.No annual caps, offering flexibility in funding.
Employee CoverageUniform benefits for all eligible employees.Customizable benefits for different employee classes.
Group Health Plan CompatibilityIt cannot pair with a group health plan.It can complement a group health plan.
Tax BenefitsTax-free contributions within IRS limits for both parties.Similar tax advantages without contribution restrictions.

Why ICHRA May Be a Better Choice for Your Business and Employees


ICHRA offers unparalleled flexibility and customization, making it a preferable choice for diverse businesses. Its adaptability to different employee groups, absence of contribution limits, compatibility with group health plans, and potential for greater employee satisfaction make ICHRA a versatile option.

ICHRAs also offer significant tax benefits and ease of administration, particularly with platforms like Thatch, and they scale effectively with your business growth.While QSEHRA provides a health coverage solution for small businesses, it comes with certain limitations. Unlike ICHRA, QSEHRA is restricted to companies with fewer than 50 employees and does not allow for integration with group health plans. This can be a significant drawback for growing businesses or those with a diverse workforce. Additionally, QSEHRA has set contribution limits, potentially limiting the amount of support employers can offer to their employees. These constraints can reduce the flexibility and customization options for employers, making QSEHRA less adaptable compared to the more versatile ICHRA. These limitations, especially in terms of scalability and flexibility, might make QSEHRA less appealing for businesses seeking a more dynamic and comprehensive health benefit solution.

Administrative Complexity

Although ICHRA is considered less complex administratively compared to QSEHRA, it still requires careful management to ensure compliance and optimal operation. The flexibility and customization options of ICHRA, while beneficial, can introduce a layer of complexity in terms of setting up and managing different employee classes and benefit structures.

However, this complexity is mitigated significantly when using a third-party administrator like Thatch. Such services specialize in navigating the intricacies of ICHRA, ensuring that businesses comply with legal requirements while maximizing the benefits the arrangements provide. Thatch streamlines the administrative process, from handling employee enrollments to managing funds flows, making ICHRA a manageable option even for businesses without any HR resources.QSEHRA, although initially appearing straightforward due to its defined contribution limits and smaller business focus, can present its own set of administrative challenges. These challenges stem from the need to ensure that the plan complies with legal requirements, especially given its restrictions on business size and contribution caps. Managing reimbursements and ensuring fair and compliant allocation of funds across all eligible employees can be a meticulous task.

Like ICHRA, the administrative burden of QSEHRA can be significantly reduced with the assistance of a third-party administrator.In both cases, while the inherent complexities of ICHRA and QSEHRA cannot be entirely eliminated, partnering with a specialized administrator like Thatch can simplify these complexities, ensuring that businesses can offer these benefits without being overwhelmed by the administrative demands.


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