Thatch member guide

Thatch member guide

Thatch is a new way to do healthcare. Instead of your employer selecting all of your benefits for you, you receive a healthcare budget that you can use to cover the insurance plans and medical expenses that are right for you.

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Set a budget with the Thatch ICHRA for SMB

Get a flexible budget for all of your healthcare expenses

Using Thatch, your employer sets a healthcare budget that you can spend on the insurance plans and healthcare expenses that are best for you. You can use your budget to pay for health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and medical expenses like prescriptions, therapy, and fertility treatments.

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Thatch plan selection

Manage your health benefits and expenses in one place

You're able to obtain health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance directly through Thatch. The Thatch dashboard makes it easy to get set up with everything, understand your healthcare costs, and manage your budget.

Thatch plan selection

Choose the health plan that's best for you

You'll use your budget select great insurance plans from top insurance companies. Thatch will help you ensure your doctors, prescriptions, and preferred hospitals are covered. You'll also be able to see how much each plan will cost you, and how much you'll have left over to spend on other expenses.

Thatch card used with ICHRA for startups

Your leftover budget is yours to spend with your Thatch card

You'll receive a Thatch debit card to pay for any qualified medical expense — from copays at the doctor's office to better quality primary care through services like One Medical. It makes spending the healthcare budget your employer provides easy.

Get realtime support with Thatch

Get realtime support by texting Thatch

You can text with Thatch 24/7 at THATCH (842824). Our AI bot provides instant guidance on which items are covered by your budget, and helps you track receipts to stay compliant. We also have a team of healthcare experts that can meet any time to help with questions or issues.

Getting started


Sign up using the link in the Thatch invitation email

You'll receive an email from Thatch with a link to sign up. You'll need to provide your name, email, phone number, and a password.


Create your account and add dependent details

We will will walk you through creating an account on Thatch, and adding any dependents that you would like to cover with your insurance plans.


Choose your insurance plans

You can select health, dental, and vision insurance plans directly through Thatch using your budget. You can choose from dozens of plans, and we'll be standing by to help via meeting, SMS, or email.


Review your budget and get a Thatch card

If you exceed the budget, the overage is pulled directly from payroll or your bank account. If you have money remaining, you'll receive a Thatch debit card to pay for any qualified medical expense.

Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take to get reimbursed for a medical expense?
What if I want to pick a plan that isn’t available on Thatch?
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