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Finding a patient advocate to assist you in your healthcare journey doesn’t need to be a daunting task. There are several directories providing quick and easy access to patient advocates across the country. In this article, we’ll help you determine how to find the right patient advocate for you and your situation.

If you’re looking for a refresher on the basics, you can find an overview of the basics of patient advocacy here.

National patient advocate directories

Finding the right patient advocate for you is only a few clicks away. The following directories allow you to search by both geographic location and by area of specialty. Many advocates will be listed in multiple directories and can be contacted in multiple ways.

1. Greater National Advocates

Greater National Advocates was founded by a patient who suffered from a significant medical error he believes could have been avoided. He commits his time to increasing awareness of and access to independent patient advocates. The site is significantly more than a simple directory. In addition to the ability to search for advocates, the site includes articles to assist patients in becoming their own best advocate as well as resources and insider hacks from professional patient advocates.

2. AdvoConnection

The AdvoConnection Directory of independent patient advocates is powered by the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates. The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is a major professional organization within the field, and their directory includes articles on how to interview and select an independent patient advocate for your needs and situation. An added benefit to this directory is that the listings include client reviews, which can be very helpful during the vetting process.

3. National Association of Healthcare Advocacy

Founded in 2009, The National Association of Healthcare Advocacy (NAHAC) is committed to supporting independent patient advocates and advancing the profession of patient advocacy. NAHAC is dedicated to improving patient outcomes by promoting the profession of health care advocacy through empowerment, education, and collaboration. Their mission includes providing a searchable directory of independent patient advocates.

What to consider when looking for a patient advocate

Patient advocates can specialize in different areas of the healthcare system. Read this article for an overview of patient advocate specialties. As such, considering your specific situation is important to guide you in selecting the right advocate for you and your circumstances. Here are some steps to find the right advocate for you.

1. Consider what area you need help with

If you are struggling with a medical bill, you’ll want to find an advocate who specializes in medical billing, coding, or health insurance benefits and claims. You would not want to seek assistance from an advocate who specializes in transitions of care. There are certainly situations where you might be experiencing issues in multiple areas of your healthcare journey. If this is the case, we suggest finding the advocate who can best meet your most pressing needs while asking about their ability to support you in other areas as the needs arise.

2. Take advantage of free consultation services

Many patient advocates provide a free 15 to 30 minute consultation call. During this call, you can share your biggest concerns regarding your healthcare journey and allow the advocate to share how they can assist in resolving your issues. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about how the advocate performs their work and what you can expect as a client should you choose to utilize their services.

3. Ask for client reviews

Don’t be afraid to ask patient advocates for reviews or recommendations from their previous clients. Many times, these will be readily available on their website but if not, be sure to ask for them.

Improve your healthcare experience with a patient advocate

These resources, combined with the suggestions provided, will help you find the best patient advocate for your needs. For tricky healthcare situations, we believe that using an independent patient advocate will ensure you get the most out of your healthcare experience. That’s why billing and insurance advocacy is part of what we offer at Thatch. If your employer offers Thatch as a benefit and you’d like to work with our member advocates, reach out to us at

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